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Commander Keen in "Episode Y"

The story:

 Commander Keen flies through the wormhole carefully scanning space for Mortimer Mcmire's second fleet. He sees a giant space station in the distance...

Later, landing at the station, Keen carefully creeps through the ship. However, Mort is taking no chances with his universe destruction device, and Keen is detected. Huge and dangerous tank robots chase him through the ship, and eventually he has to teleport through a one-way teleport, leaving behind his pogo and neural stunner.

Fortunately, Mort's station is well armed; Keen is quickly able to find a weapon. And some of the robots use specially designed Pogo Stick version 2.0. With these, Keen is as powerful as ever; but the enemies on Mort's ship are more formidable than anything Keen has ever met before.

The only way that Commander Keen can shut down the ship and get back to the Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket is to collect the four souped-up Power Cores that are hidden in various places on the ship. They are heavily guarded by vicious robots, and dangerous traps. Keen must collect them all, or...

The Universe is Toast!


Updated! New screen (w/updated tileset) Old version-nasty guard bot!
Old version-no real update Old version-Spooooky!
Control panels Update! New look!
World map Lights out!
Block up... Block down! (anyone notice the subtle ID bashing?)
Difficulty=maximum Well, actually this is minimum, but... Notice something?

Oooh! Hard!